Thursday, 11 April 2019


Hey Darlingssssss,

On my last blog post, I hinted that I was going to visit Olumo Rock with my friends on Saturday and guess what, we did go!!!
It was a fun experience and I am going to detail it all down below.

  1. Transportation- If you are familiar with the road, then you can drive as it is about 1hr, 45 mins drive from Lagos. It is not a straight road at all as there are turns to make and missing any can be frustrating so be sure you know the route well, or you go with someone who does. If not, drop your car at home and take the public buses or cabs. Myself and friends paid about N800 each from Oshodi (under bridge), Lagos to Abeokuta. Once you alight from the bus at Abeokuta, you can pick a cab or bike for N200 per person right to the entrance of the tourist site.
  2. Gate Fee- We went on a Saturday and paid N1,000 as the gate fee per person. That qualifies you to view the Museum gallery etc at the venue. Children pay a lesser amount than adults and if you are coming in groups, the fee is also lower. We met about 5 different schools with a large number of students at the site that day. There were also foreign tourists as well as friends who took the trip together just like us.
  3. The Gallery- This had quite some nice African pieces and artwork that had good prices on them. From jewelry to bags to paintings, they were available for immediate purchase at the gallery. Payment can be made for items using POS or transfer or cash.
  4. Feeding-There is a cafeteria inside the venue that sell really tasty food.We ate white Amala and Ewedu and I must say it was really tasty. There was rice also and it tasted really nice. However, their food gets ready from about 10am and finishes around 2 or 3pm. The cost for the Amala and Ewedu was N600 while Rice was N700. Water was sold at N100, same with soft drinks. I must state that before climbing that rock, you need food. Eat a hearty meal because you will definitely need it! Also take a bottle of water along as the weather and climbing will get your throat parched.
  5. Tour Guide- While you might think that you will find your way around easily, I would advise that you go with a tour guide. A tour guide can be very useful in making sure you pass all the routes and see all the corners of the rocks. Also, a tour guide can assist with snapping of pictures while you climb the rocks especially at those places where you cannot hold your phones, lolz. Our tour guide was really helpful, took us through the ancient path, the caves, the old priestess shrine, snapped most of the pictures we took and showed us the path back to the foot of the rock before leaving. We gave him a tip of N2,000 and he went on his way after we got to the peak of the rock.
  6. Return Journey- We stayed at the peak of the rock for about an hour plus taking pictures and enjoying the view and then made our way back using the stairs this time. Following the stairs, there were also corners that were picture worthy and we did justice to that, lolz. It took us almost 1 hour coming down as there were still areas to view.
When we got down, we got back into the cafeteria and took water and drinks, then called our cab man who we collected his number after he dropped us off that morning. We left for Kuto park where there were buses headed to Lagos. We paid the cab man N200 per person.
From Kuto park, buses going to Lagos were charging N800 per person. We left Abeokuta at about past 4pm, and arrived  Lagos at almost 6pm. In total, it was a journey of about N5,000.

It was an enjoyable experience and its memories etched in my mind forever. Take that trip today, have fun and keep reliving the experience!

Let me know if you need any more information in the comment section and I will answer all. CIAO!

Friday, 5 April 2019


If you stay in Lagos Nigeria, you must be very familiar with the word "OWAMBE". As a matter of fact, there has to be an Owambe going on at the halls and event places around you every weekend.

For my Non-Nigerian readers, Owambe is a Yoruba language interpreted "It is here". The literal meaning is "It is happening here". So, when you hear the word owambe, the party dey happen for here , lol.

Typically, owambe represents one of those activities we unwind or relax with after the week-long job. Other times, especially when you are fully involved in the whole party preparation, it is added stress to your poor body that really needs rest from activities.
In Lagos where I stay, there are a lot of event centers, gardens, close roundabouts, churches where owambe happens every single weekend. Sometimes, its fun to look out my veranda and see the different styles, aso-ebis, dance steps, souvenirs, family fights & banters and so many other drama that happen at these owambes.

On most days, I am a part of the owambe and of course, I must represent. Like my mum would say, the heels, slay clothes and purses escape early retirement when we partyyyy. *smiles*

So, tell me darlings, are you an Owambe person or you would rather sit and rest during the weekend?
As for me, my clothes, shoes and bags, we LOVE LOVE LOVE OWAMBES!

 Have a beautiful weekend darlings!

Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Best Circle of Friends to Keep!

If anyone has ever lived for 1 month without talking to anyone , then you MY FRIEND deserve to be in a separate planet *grins*

FRIENDS light up our world...
FRIENDS make the world go round
FRIENDS cheer you on
FRIENDS keep you sane when your world is really really going insane
And most importantly GOOD FRIENDS STILL EXIST.

I keep a close circle of ah-mazing friends and so I can give you a tip on the exact kind of friends to have in your circle, male or female:

  1. The Goofy friend- This kind of friend makes every hangout fun. From the funny faces to the un-stylish poses, they are the life of the party. In-fact my goofy friend makes you want to take pictures which preserves the memory of that experience. Trying out new stuff, visiting new places is their MO! GET YOU A GOOFY ONE, people!
  2. The Prim & Proper Friend- This is that friend that keeps you in check all the time. (S)he is careful of having too much fun and getting carried away. So, (s)he is your check master * lolz* They are so good at balancing things. The Goofy friend might call them dull or boring, but trust me they are good for every one!
  3. The Joking One- If you have a circle of friends without this one, please disband such circle right now!!! What is friendship without the joker who makes sure you laugh your problems away? The joker always finds joy in the little things, makes an effort to make all of your meetings or conversations pleasurable and  something to always look forward to. GET YOU A JOKING FRIEND, they are fun to be with!
  4. The "Dulling" Friend- Sounds crazy right?. The dulling friend helps you see life in a different perspective. Sometimes, their existence in that way of life makes you understand how much of vanity this life is. And when life hits you hard, their lifestyle kinda becomes an inspiration to you letting you know that if they are like that and still surviving, you too will! So you see, they are not bad at all.
These are my tips on the kind of friends you should have in your circle. If you think I left anything out, I would really want to hear from you darlings.

In the meantime, I have a fun weekend with my "good friends" at Olumo Rock in Abeokuta Nigeria this weekend and will share pictures with you all. Lurr you loads!

The Truth About Being a Woman- HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!

So, the truth is firstly I love being a woman. Secondly, I love being a woman. And finally I love being a WOMAN! But it can be really hard sometimes you know.

To every woman out there who have gone through any of the points below and even more that words fail me to mention, you are the real MVPs. *hugs and kisses*

  1. FAMILY LIFE - Women are the glue that hold a family together. While we might be broken inside, we fix things. While we yearn for that much needed rest, we provide succor to others. While we really want to take our day off, we want the family to be comfortable at all times. We build homes, yes, we are that STRONG!
  2. WORK (CAREER & BUSINESS)- When a woman decides to work, I mean work at something, we do it to the best of our abilities. At the office, business places and everywhere women are seen working diligently, climbing to the top and still creating a balance in families. WOMEN ROCK!
  3. MONTHLY RED-ISH- It has no respect for the times and seasons. WOW. Just when you want to go swimming, or beach-ing or party-ing, it just shows up. For the ladies that have a steady date and not a day-in-the-week, I give it up for you guys. Y'll need to sign up as Star reading experts, LOLZ!
For all of the battles we face as women, for surviving and getting to the top of our fields in our different careers, for the families that we have raised that now cover the face of all the earth, we truly deserve many ACCOLADES!


Friday, 28 July 2017

The Fri-yay Craze!

Hi Lovers,

Trust we are all doing great.

So I sat down to have a long deep thought about this day called Friday.

It is that time of the week where you plan your own "parole", hehehe.

But I have also noticed that I work practically all day long during the weekends "for myself this time tho* and before I say jack! Its Monday again!.

Whichever, however, whatever, I still love Fri-yays!!! I look forward to watching movies, hanging out, taking control of my time, visiting friends & families and also planning events.

Who does not love Fri-yay? Is that one somebody??? hehehehehe

Photo Credit: Google.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

My New Year Resolution At The End Of January...Hehehe!

Hello Darlings,

Happy New year!!! Yaaahhhh, we made it to 2017 and even though it is almost the end of January, I am gonna still scream it on the mountain top...hehehe

In the spirit of the new year, "side-eyes at whoever disagrees with me", I have made some new year resolutions about me and my blog in no particular order. Please join me to say a BIG AMEN cos it just has to WERK *winks*

  1. Update my blog regularly no matter: my day schedule, how tired I am, how busy I might get and the time of the day, even at midnight I must update. *Laughing out loud with a loud SO HELP ME GOD*.
  2. Listen to the News with a view to be entertained AT ALL TIMES... I cannot come and have HBP because of Nigeria and the recession news everywhere.
  3. Show love and impact positively  my family, friends, the less privileged and the society around me.
  4. Grow myself such that  my success scents from afar off * side-eyes at fre-nemies, you guys ain't gonna see my back yo!*
  5. Above all, grow in Christ and His knowledge, that sets me apart from the crowd.
I wish you guys all you wish yourself and more.

*Singing* Just be hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today..........

Friday, 26 February 2016

Surviving the heat weather in Nigeria

Hi Sweeties, Its no news that the heat weather in Nigeria is so on us! Chooo...even while bathing, you are sweating , lolz. Infact, everyone looks so stressed by evening as a result of the heat stress on us.

Below are some tips to reduce the heat stress this period:

  • Try as much as possible to bathe regularly and always bathe at night before sleeping.
  • Wear cotton clothes during this period. This is important as cotton clothes absorbs heat better than other textiles. Also, use cotton bedspread and pillow cases.
  • Open up windows and doors to allow air and cross-ventilation into the house. If you do not have "netted" doors and windows, please do so to avoid mosquitoes and other rodents from entering into your home.
  • Make use of umbrellas and sunshades when walking under the sun. This would protect your skin and eyes.
  • The light situation in Nigeria is currently terrible, however on days when there is power supply, ensure to use air conditioning and the fan to circulate the air.
  • If you can, wear clothes that are light in material. Try as much as possible to avoid wearing long sleeves especially if you are not always in a cool environment.
  • Drink a lot of cold refreshing water regularly as the tendency to feel dehydrated is high in this period.
  • Take a break off work to move around and exercise your body as heat also tends to cramp the muscles
  • Finally, take a walk at evenings as much as you can.
I hope the above tips help us survive this heat period. Have a beautiful weekend darlings!